Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who cares if you're smarter than 5th Grader???

If you could remember everything you had learned over the years of going to school, you'd be pretty dang smart. Think a minute about the times you have said... gee I used to remember that?

I worked as an assistant manager of a water corporation and was in charge of the field maintence. I was certified by the state of Texas ... and that meant lots of schooling. Shucks, I don't remember many of the many formulas I had to learn and use.. ex: the volume of water flow difference of two different size pipes.

I was also a police officer and we had to figure friction of tires on a given roadway and use a formula to approximate the speed of said vehicle involved in a collision.

But then there was the simple questions my children, grandchilden, or the 10s of thousands of children in my classes. You know that question that you know you used to know but somehow slipped away. I'm talking simple question - not those ridiculous formulas.

Many times I felt I needed a refresher course in everything ;-) and I found one.

Well not really... but I did find a place to answer or refresh just about anything you want to know.. AND NO it wasn't GOGGLE 8-0

It is called `B J Pinchbeck's HOMEWORK HELPER'

note- to use the link above, you will have to cut and paste. SORRY

This is a site to checkout... And let your kids know about it. I use it all the time but not so much for learning as for entertainment/fun. Believe me, you get into this place and you had best set aside some time. It is educational and a blast. Just reading through it is a hoot. And the neatest point is you learn while having fun. BUT be warned you will NEVER make it through all the sites. There are too many subjects, sites, and interesting adventures that await you.

Some of the adventures that await you:
General Resources and Homework Helpers | Biographies | Calendars and History Events | Colleges, Universities and Schools | Convert Anything to Anything | Dictionaries | Encyclopedias | Finding People and Businesses | Government and Legal Resources | Medical Resources

No, it's not only school stuff. It is so much more. Still, it is a great place for your kids to research stuff ... or yourself to refresh that failing memory.


  1. I gotta find some time to check that out!!

  2. I agree with Becky, I need to check that one out. Thanks for posting it Jay. And I am glad you and Molly had a good time at the dog show. I need to catch up on a lot of things.