Monday, October 19, 2009

Frogs, Mops, and Dogs.

Hi all,

You know sometimes things aren't what it seems. I get so aggravated at people who are so opinionated that they can't see the opinions of other people. Sometimes it would do better if folks would just backup and take another look at what is going on right in front of their face. It's like they believe there is only one way to look at things..... Are you one of those people that only sees one thing from one perspective???

Let's find out..... what do you see in the picture below??????

Now tilt your head to the right (right side as top of picture) and look again... Hmmmm maybe you will see something else... See, this post is for fun... Thought I was serious didn't you .. he he he

Now check out the next picture and see what you see....

Now.. if you think you see my Molly being attacked by a giant mop at the Rapid City Kennel Show ... you would be wrong. That `mop' is one of a dozen (at min.) show dogs that gave Molly kisses. It's fun to watch because all the dogs are attracted to her .. and the dog owners love it.. why?? you might ask. The answer is simple. They have a `dog show' judge who is in a wheelchair. If a dog isn't around a chair much ... it can distract them from doing their job (winning). The owners like letting the dogs come to and sniff the chair. It's good for the dog and good for Molly.

Besides ... the dogs love the attention. Yes, I have to admit my Molly loves the attention too.... But you can see that in her picture... no picture trick there!!!



  1. Love the pictures! I saw a horse first, then the frog. Does that mean I'm backward?

  2. I saw a moose first and then a frog. The frog so stuck in my mind that it was hard to see anything else. But when I tilted my head and used the right side as the top I saw a catfish but I don't know what he was doing with an eyeball on his butt... wait, fish don't have butts do they. Love the picture of Molly. I don't think it's the wheelchair that attracts the dogs. I think it's Molly. Dogs can sense a kind and gentle person.