Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh Brother ... another blog

Hi all

Well, here I go again into another adventure .. and it's all because of Molly.... She talked me into setting up another BLOG. This one is going to do with writing stories, poems, and anything else I decide to pursue. Oh heaven help me ;-)

The address with be: or just click the button at the upper right column (my book cover).

I will continue this blog (Molly said so). Boy sounds like I am hen-pecked... I will tell you right now - I AM NOT!!! (Molly told me to tell y'all that too)... he he he he he

Anyway, I hope some of you can come over and read my stuff...

I also would like to thank all the folks who read this post and comments and/or emails me. I really do appreciate you all....

well, that's it for today...



  1. headed over there right now!!

  2. I really liked your Marine Corps background but this one is nice too. I will check you out at the other site. See ya.

  3. Looking forward to what you have to write about. I will check out the other site for sure.