Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That Kind of Man - a poem

This is one of those `requests' from one of my female friends. She wanted another poem from the stand-point of a woman's perspective. The poem was to be a woman explaining why she married the man she did.... I hope you enjoy..

That kind of Man
by jay wilson

One day my son asked " Mamma, How did you meet my Dad?"
I thought for a minute. I wanted him to know what I had.
"He walked into the dance hall, swaying with the Band.
I knew he would steal my heart. He was that kind of man."

"We danced the night away and he asked me to be his wife.
I answered yes and I would be his for the rest of my life.
He was good to me and worked hard planting and farming the land.
He loved you kids and never complained. He was that kind of man".

"Each time I think about him, walking into that Dance,
How he strutted `cross the floor, almost into a prance,
I `member how my knees turned to jelly and my feet turned to sand.
and how life without him was nothing. He was that kind of man".

"I remember him telling me, how he loved the shine in my eyes.
and I thought, you're just a Devil with all your sparkling lies.
But he made a good companion, him with his smiling face so tan".
And I'm so proud, these 25 years, that I have that kind of man."

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  1. Didn't know you were such a great poet. Beautiful job. Karen