Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old ugly Jay was a artist model?? You gotta be kidding.

Yes, it is true. But hey... even ugly people can be models ;-)

What brought this about? Well, I received an email asking why I had a picture showing me with a lady and a painting of myself on my blog. I decided to use my blog to answer this question.

Back in 1990, I was contacted by a lady who owned a painting studio in central Texas. Being a living history teacher, I had appeared at many places dressed in `time-period' (1800's) clothes while giving classes. At one such place in 1988, this lady asked me to pose for some pictures so she could paint some paintings of me. I did. This was the same lady who contacted me in 1990. She was looking for a model and she wanted me to pose at an artist class in Austin Texas for pay. Yep, they wanted me to sit in a chair while holding a pose over 5 days at 4 hours a day. I agreed. Sounded easy.... it wasn't. It was hard work!!!!

I was one of three models who was used for a Daniel Green work shop. Mr Greene is a world renown artist. see . To model for him is a great honor.

Over a period of time I model for Mr Greene numerous times and even help find other models for him. He traveled state to state and give these classes. I became his Texas model. Again - a great honor. I continued until I was injured and it ended my career with him.

On occasion I still modeled for others but I did this on a low scale. I will add a few pictures of some of my painting. I know of paintings of myself being in Mexico, Spain, Canada, England, and many, many in the U.S.. I have even seen my `Mountain Man' hanging in a Mexican restaurant and a series (4) hanging in a Hospital. One such painting is used as an advertisement for a local Texas artist's studio in Victoria Texas.

Me, I'm no good-looking guy but I do serve as an example that ANYONE can be a model. Heck I was even asked one time to pose in the nude (YES - NUDE).... My answer was simple - "You don't have that much pink paint". I can only imagine the pink would have turned more a red though....

Hope ya enjoy this ol' ugly boy's pics....


  1. Great paintings Jay! I can see why they wanted to use you as a model. You suit the characters in the paintings well. In that last one you are very ruggedly handsome. Your face has so much character. So your paintings are all over the world.. did you ever get to go to London or anything?

  2. How neat! I like the last two best. I'll have to keep my eyes open and see if I recognize you anywhere...

  3. You continue to amaze me Jay. That is so neat.