Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They say I'm a `cut up'. Wood you?

I have always had a desire for doing things with my hands... Note that I didn't say talent. Anyway, I decided as a 10 year old kid that I wanted to learn to `carve' things out of wood with a pocket knife. Yep, I probably became the greatest stick sharpener in the world. If a wild animal ever attacked, I was ready. Then came the the gash I carved into my finger. Okay, a bandaid covered it easily but my momma decided my whittling days were over... and they were!

Then in my 30s this urge hit me again. Oh I had been carrying and cutting things with my pocket knife but never really created anything before. I heard about a club of folks who did carving and whittling near by. I joined and have been hooked for over 30 additional years. The first thing I learned is the difference of whittling and carving. Carving is using different cutting tools and whittling is using only a pocket knife. I liked the old ways and went with an `OLD TIMER' (three blade) pocket knife. I also learned why whittlers always have bandaids in their pockets. I wasn't the only one who cut things other than the piece of wood.

Over the years I have made so many caricatures, dogs, lions, horses, and other `stuff', I couldn't count them. I also taught others to whittle. I will attach some pictures of some of my creations. Don't judge too harshly. Like I said I had a desire.... I didn't say talent.

I have taught whittling at schools, churches (summer), and at libraries. One of the attachments is a picture of me teaching my Pre-K grandson how to whittle on a piece of soap with a dull knife.

Anyway, it is a neat hobby that I still enjoy. The picture containing two horses, a lion, and a dog were things from the last couple of weeks. I also have learned to `whittle' soapstone (soft rock) into peacepipe bowls and fetishes. But that's a whole 'nother story..

Here are some of my pics... hope ya like them. ;-)


  1. Oh, those are great! One of my life goals is to learn to make furniture out of wood, both twig furniture and solid wood furniture. In my vision, there are carvings involved - on a headboard or the back of a chair or on table legs. For now, though, I am just trying to master the art of quilting. It is bad enough that I have rotary cutters and needles around my little guys - no need to add pocket knives to the mix. I keep my Swiss Army knife hidden from them so they don't get too interested. Although, now that I think about it, I'm not sure where I hid it...

  2. Neat stuff! Does your grandson still whittle?

  3. That is neat Jay. I know my hubby would enjoy seeing your pipebowls. He is into all that stuff. I would say you have a "talent" there. Sometimes a talent starts with the desire to do it.

  4. I like 'em. Your pictures are pretty nice. Thanks for sharing. Karen