Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part two of `The Wink'

Hi folks

Here is part two of the continuing saga of a lady with a fantasy rolling around in her head .. and heart. A true test as to what she believes strongest. The real test will be, if she believes in herself..


He smiled with the whitest teeth I had ever seen. His eyes were dark and piercing. The man reminded me of Rhett Butler in `Gone with the Wind’. And he had Rhett’s look, like he already knew what you looked like under your clothes. I took the can and thanked him. And then, again in less than 10 minutes, I made a hasty retreat. All the way home I thought about the tomato man. God did I think about him. He was such a gentleman and charming … and handsome. I felt bad thinking about him. I know that was wrong but he had really gotten under my skin. I had no intention of letting these ridiculous thoughts continue or of ever seeing him again. But the mystery man ended up in my bed that very night. Well, not physically.

Ted and I had a routine evening of ho hum talk before we went up to the bedroom to go to bed. Mom volunteered to keep the twins overnight so we were alone. Out of the blue, Ted suggested a bottle of wine might help me to calm down. He related that he had noted I seemed a little tense and distracted this evening. I had not been aware of my acting differently until he mentioned it. I did feel uneasy; all evening. I couldn’t get the winking guy out of my mind. Those white teeth and his firm body just kept popping up in my head. I found Ted had brought a couple of glasses up when I came out of my shower. He handed me mine and left to go take his shower. Damn, I wish he had brought the whole bottle. By the time Ted came out, both glasses were empty. I needed it. He just smiled, left the room and then reappeared with the rest of the bottle of wine. We sipped the rest of the Sangria. I felt warm as Ted turned off the light. I turned my back toward him but then he shifted forward against me. He laid his arm over my should and I trembled at his every touch. I kept having flashes of my tomato guy being the one rubbing my shoulders; my back. As Ted’s hands began searching; the anticipation was tremendous. We held each other like it hadn’t been since our first year of marriage. He was everything like he used to be before the new wore off. He tried .. he really did. After, he went to sleep with a satisfied smile on his face. I, on the other hand, fell asleep with the face of my lover fresh on my mind. It was face of the man from the store. I felt guilty.

When Ted left the next morning to go to work, he started out the door, paused, and came back. He kissed me deeply. Wow!

After he left, I called Mom and told her I would pick up the kids about noon. That was fine with her. I figured I would go and finish my shopping at the HEB, since I hadn’t picked up everything I needed. That man in the produce had really gotten to me. He had even entered my bedroom last night during our love making. I felt so guilty and it wasn’t fair to Ted. It was Ted who made me feel good last night; not some stranger. I had to put this guy out of my head. I grabbed my purse and left the house with a reinforced attitude. I parked in the same lane I had the day before. As I walked past the space where I dropped my groceries, my stomach turned over. Oh my God, I didn’t have this under control like I thought I had. I had a problem. This couldn’t go on like this.

The grocery store had a small snack area and I headed for it. I needed a cup of coffee really bad. I sat at a table and sipped my cup. Jesus, I wished I still smoked. I hadn’t had a cigarette since I met Ted. He had helped me quit. But right now, I could have used one. This was getting totally out of hand. My obsession with the winking guy was childish and very immature. Besides I am a happily married woman with children. Boy how I wished for a cancer stick. I picked up my cup of coffee and sipped more of its hot contents. My eyes scanned the room and in the middle of a swallow of coffee, I saw the tomato man sitting three tables away from me. I choked and spit coffee all over my table. There I was gagging and choking when he rushed to my side to offer aid. Well, I made a fool of myself in front of this guy in the produce area, at my car, and now, here I was choking to death in front of the man who had taken control of my life. What else could happen? Well, it did! As I tried to stand up to escape the spilt coffee, I tipped the table toward him and the dark fluid raced to find its way to the front of his khaki pants. I hollered, he hollered, and everyone in the place looked at us.

I could go on and on about the idiotic scene that unfolded but, to be honest, it just happened so fast. Well, everything except that coffee flowing toward those khaki pants. That was all in slow motion. Anyway, one thing led to another and here I was sitting at another table, across from my mystery man. And I truly don’t know how we ended up there but I did feel I owed him an apology and a cup of coffee; in a cup, not on his pants. I must admit we laughed about how our `coffee encounter’ had happened. The joking eased up the tension I had been feeling. During our visit, I discovered John was a local contractor and had even completed several projects near my home. His occupation explained his build and tanned face & arms. He had been widowed about 2 years before when his wife was killed in a traffic accident. John was a nice man. He was well read and seemed educated far beyond that of being a contractor. The more I talked to him; the more I realized how dumb I had been in my reactions toward him. John was just being friendly and I had misread this man as a lover fantasy who was after me. Well, it was only a fantasy; kinda. The more I sat there I found myself really liking him. And I should have let well enough alone. As I looked into his eyes, his sexuality crept up on me again. John was talking about a Bar-B-Que place he frequents and I wasn’t hearing the words. I was imagining the smell of his neck; the taste of his kiss; the feel of his arms around me. When his hand closed on my leg, I came to my senses.


Okay.. soon will be the third installment of `The Wink'. I do have to admit, Molly has made me change a number of things in the story. She says it had a little too much salt... about half a salt shaker ;-) ... I hope you like the story but with Molly curtailing the salt, I will still try to keep a little pepper. After all, everyone like spice, don't they.


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