Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Part three of `The Wink" (one part to go)

Hi all,

This is the third part of FOUR parts which means it will soon be over. Will temptaion win out or will the lady come to her senses? You'll know soon..


His hand felt good and made me warm but this was wrong. I knew I had to get out of there. When his hand had moved farther up my thigh, I pulled away and stood up. I knew my face was red. John was a smooth operator and he was after me. I saw it now. I asked to be excused and walked away. I left the store and wasn’t aware John had followed until I reached my car. He apologized profusely. He accepted the blame and said he went overboard with his intentions. I told him I was happily married. I know I didn’t sound very convincing. My actions had all shown that I might be on the prowl. He read me right. I was bored and John was the most exciting thing I had experienced in many years. God, his eyes seemed to look deep within my soul. I knew he didn’t believe me. I saw it all now. He planned to have me. Neither of us ever mentioned the fact I wear a wedding ring. To him, my looking him over at the produce had told his male instincts that I could be bedded. I really couldn’t blame him for reading me that way because that was in my mind too. I wanted this fantasy lover in the worst way. And he knew it. There was a chemistry between us.. no, chemistry was not what this was. Chemistry is a science. What I was feeling was plain old sexual desire.

I tried to tell John that this had to end before it led to anything more serious. Every argument I made for us to stop this encounter, he would give me a reason why we should continue. And he made sense. There would be no commitment. This would be good for both of us. He felt safe because I wouldn’t put the demands of a girlfriend on him. And as a married woman, I could have the best of both worlds. I was so mixed up. I really wanted this man. Hell, I felt like I had already been to bed with him when I was with Ted. And John’s words seemed to wash away the guilt and make this passion I was feeling okay. He took my hand and told me how he wanted to spend time with me. He said he needed me as much as I needed him. I kept looking around the parking lot. I knew a lot of people who traded at this store and I was afraid of being seen. John must have realized my concern and suggested we go over to a trailer house that he uses for his office.


Hey, this has been fun for me. As said above, this one will be over shortly. Working this short adventure has been interesting for me. When writing a story one thinks of the begining and the end... then put some meat on the skeleton of the story (fillers). That's easy. But when I had to break this into four parts.... where does on do that. There has to be something at the end of each part to draw readers back. I hope I have done this.

BUT BEWARE!!!! the fourth part hold a big surprise!!!!!! and might even affect ALL OF YOU ..... OR MAYBE JUST ONE OF YOU.....

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  1. I am getting way behind on your stories. You need to find out about some copyright protection. Here is a site that may help you out. You will have to copy and paste I am sure.