Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi all.... Thought I would try making a small post just to find out if I still have anyone still on here. I do almost everything on Facebook now but I post on it like I do a Blog. Most everyone shares the same stuff over and over so thought I would try this. And believe me, it took a while to refigure again of how to use this Blog... Much has changed!! I do miss writing on here and hope I get some responses but I do understand most of you were Molly's friends and prefer talking sewing, quilting and the like - Still I had to try,, Thank all of you for being Molly's friends ... I wish I knew how to send this to all the friends she had made over the years. If I read things right, she is missed!!! I know I miss her too... Thanks again and hope to hear from y'all A picture of me and my Molly (hope this works ;-)


  1. Yes, Jay, you still have readers on your blog. Google Reader lets me know when you blog. I haven't blogged much either in the last year. I've missed reading your blogs. I'd love to be your facebook friend. Just sent me a friend request Karen Reid Giles.

    I miss Molly too. She was a sweet lady.

  2. Request sent and will be proud to have you as a friend on FB

  3. Hi Jay - I'm trying to get back into blogging also. I do alot on FB also but somehow it feels more instant thoughts to me and the blog seems to be a place I can go more in depth.
    I think of Molly often, she was one of those people that you instantly had known all your life if you know what I mean.
    Have a Blessed Day - Lynn Reyes