Friday, May 25, 2012

It's National `What' week???

Well, it's me again after a long absence. I have not been able to get on here again and now think I might have gotten this figured out. I have been doing most of my writing on Facebook which I still don't understand but continue to try. As another experiment, I am going to post this little tad-bit of information: While I was observing Memorial Week and doing some research, I discovered that it is also National EMT week. Now that struck me funny. Why would they share the same week? A little more looking and I discovered this is only a tiny bit of sharing of commemorative days/weeks. There are so many that it shocked me. There are weeks set aside for just about EVERYTHING..... Don't believe me??? Check this site out for a listing.. ..... Might have to cut and paste - Remember, this is an experiment

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