Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yep, Christmas time is a busy time...

Hi all,

Today was a busy day for this old Santa helper. I had sites set up for today so I knew Molly and I was going to be out all day spreading Christmas cheer. We started out going to the Food Bank and the Food Pantry. These two places help to feed those who need a little help in Rapid City. I even worked there as a volunteer but my knees gave out too soon.. When we went in to the stores, everyone started to smile. The manager shouted out to the `guests' that Santa was here.... All heads turn and I start handing out candy canes to everyone. I also have a huge sack of `Ty Babies' that goes out to all the young `uns. I aquired dozens and dozens of them through donations...

From there we hit a dentist office at an elementary school (only one child there but lots of adults).

Off we rode again. This time I went by Wal-Mart. We handed out candy canes and more `Ty Babies'. Even ran into several friends and their kids. Wal-Mart is a in & out place. That is I walk in and give everyone something and then leave. I can't hardy finance the whole store. I have been the store Santa back home in Texas. I had to sit in a chair and kids came up to me. I prefer the in and out method...

And the last place today was at (of all places) IHOP. I really didn't have them on my request form. We stopped to get something to eat. Of course my bags of goodies went along with me inside. I went around to all the tables with kids and handed out about 20 `Tys' and lots of canes. The manager came by our table and thanked us. He is interested in setting up a regular visit for the IHOP - I'm to talk with him tomorrow about times and days (best hurry - Christmas is upon us).. When we got up to leave we were informed that our chicken-fried steaks were paid for by one of the tables I visited... Wow - we got a present....

One more stop at our local Community Health Center. Several sick little ones was happy to see a Santa with canes and `Ty Babies'. We felt good about this stop. It brought a little cheer into some kids lives when all they expected this day was the Doctor and maybe an injection... Ouch!!!!

We had a good day. We have been doing this for a lot of years. But it had been a long day and it was time to get home. As we drove up at our door we noticed something strange. On our door was a sack full of goodies and surprises. It was from a neighbor who I wasn't even sure she knew our names... We had helped her with a problem (nuff said) and I guess this was her way of saying thank you. That was nice. And that was the end for this day (lots of smiles by Molly and myself).

Now we go back tomorrow and hit several more stores as well as the Golden Corral and another dentist office. And then we have the places like the food banks we go to everytime we are in town. This will continue until Christmas is over... Then it's time to start planning for next year.

In Case I don't get back - Y'all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Y'all hear?

With sincerest Cheers from Santa's Helper and Mrs Helper


  1. What a wonderful day!!! Bless you both for your love and generosity to the community and your friends! Love you both to pieces!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You and Molly are a treasure to your community. Hope you both had a great Christmas.