Friday, December 31, 2010

Blizzards, New Year's Party, and Little Naked People

Yep winter has fell upon us here in Rapid City, SD.
Our local paper said so:

It's Officially a blizzard

The combination of high winds and snow makes today's weather an official blizzard, National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Rudge said.

Blizzard conditions are being reported from Rapid City, Faith and Pine Ridge east to the Mitchell area as fresh snowfall combines with wind to make travel treacherous.

As much as 6 inches of new snowfall was expected in the Rapid City area today, with 3 of that already on the ground by noon.

With the wind, "It'll be a lot of bare patches and drifts," Rudge said.


And the story continued but that little part pretty well sums it up. And the local authorities have `advised' folks to stay off the roadways. It's bad out there now but will worsen as this day (New Years Eve) moves along.

Now this news has caused us some problems. For one thing, we were going to a New Year's Eve Party. No, I won't get my Molly out in this kind of weather. We'll just stay home and have our own. And that's okay with us.

Over the period of 37 years of marriage, we have lots of the staying up to wish the new year in. Though I do have to admit the last 10 or so years we usually celebrate earlier and am in bed by midnight. Guess we are getting old ;-)

I remember our first year of marriage and our first New Year Party. It was without doubt one of the MOST memorable ones.

We had been invited by some friends to go to another couples (we didn't know them) house for this special party. Molly and I drove up to the house described (no address). We were looking for the yellow house on the southside of Sage Street - a new addition. We found the yellow house and parked. We didn't see our friend's car but we figured we were early. We knocked on the door and a man opened the door. I smiled and said, "We are here for the party". After introductions and handshakes, he welcomed us in and I turned over our `bag of goodies & drinks' to the man. We went in and met several other couples. Molly and I didn't know anyone there but joined into the conversation. But something didn't seem right. Hmmm Seemed a little strange, NO - VERY STRANGE.

Well, if you haven't figured it out yet, we were at the wrong party.. We were 4 blocks from the OTHER yellow house we were supposed to be at. We all had a good laugh over this mistake. We said our niceties, gathered our goodies, and headed for the door. Hated to leave because we were having a good time. In fact the man told us to come back if we didn't find our party down the street.

We did find our party and our friends. But the uniqueness of the night did not end with our earlier adventure. Molly and me went to the bathroom. Molly wanted to show me something in there. WOW, this was going to be a great new year..... Don't let your imagination get ahead of my story ;-)

Molly told me to look at the wall paper in the bathroom. It was a white background with ink blotches on it. I didn't see anything. She said look closer. Oh My!!! It was nude couples in various states of - how do I say this? - ENCOUNTERS of a personal nature. Shocked? Oh yes...

And the funny part is the couples whose house we were at were not the type to have this on their wall. They had recently bought the house. Molly and I wondered if they had even discovered the designs by that night. Who knows, it might still be there. We never went back again.

Yep, that was a night to remember but that wasn't all. I guess I could continue about the men at the party running outside to capture a couple of people stealing the gas out of our cars. But then, I might save that one for next year....

All of you have a Happy New Year. If you would like to call us and wish us the same - DON'T CALL AFTER 10PM.... we'll be in bed asleep


  1. Same here, Jay!! We are going out to dinner...snow won't get here till Sunday.....and we will be tucked in our snug little beds waaaaaay before midnite!

    Happy New Year to you and precious Molly! I hope your year is full of good health, happiness and and many blessings!!

  2. As usual, great story, Jay. You two stay inside and be safe and warm. We've been lucky. We seem to have missed these big storms that have plagued the midwest and east coast. Hope you and Molly have a great New Year!