Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade - Molly and Me

Well another Veteran's Day has come and gone. But Molly and I made some neat memories.

I told Molly that I needed to go down to the Vet's Parade to take pictures. The Patriot Guard (we are both members) was going to ride in the parade and I was to document this with pictures taken from the side lines... It didn't go that way. We were in the parade.

I ride with the PGR but ride in a `cage' (car). Many injuries over the years dictates that I don't ride motorcycles anymore. So I bring up the rear as guard and support. I always fly two flags off the rear of my Van on special holders. One is ALWAYS the American Flag. The other flag depends on the event...

Well being the day after the birthday of my Corps (USMC), I decided to fly my USMC flag. And we brought up the rear of the many PGR motorcycles. It was great. With every person wearing a `military hat (WW2, Retired USMC, etc) went a salute from me. And they saluted back. Many, many flags being waved by young and old made a wonderful day for all there. I had NEVER heard so much cheering for the Vets. It was great. Some folks yelled, some waved, and a few cried. Each had their own reason to express themselves as they saw fit.

Molly waved back at all the children. She had a great time. Although later she called me, "a bad boy" for tricking her into being in the parade. She has been in dozens and dozens of parades over the years but now felt she needed to be on the sidelines. Well, she is out of retirement!! ;-)

I hope all of you remembered to `thank a vet' yesterday for what they have done and do for all of us. But remember also, you can thank them any time; today, tomorrow, next week...... anytime... they would appreciated it.. I promise!!!

Here are some pictures of a few of our close Vets we wanted to remember. There are too many to list any more.... The post pics are our relatives who served in WW2
Molly's Uncle - USAF - Pilot

My Father - US Army - Combat Medic

My uncle - USMC - Military Police


  1. Oh Jay! What a great Veteran's Day you had. I thought of you but I was out on the road and couldn't get to my computer. I did thank all the veterans on my facebook status and remembered my Dad who was in WWII. He was in the Field Artillery...and because of his math abilities, he calculated and directed the firing. I hope that makes sense.... But... thank YOU for your service and your dedication to your brothers. We as a nation enjoy so much that is only because of you and everyone else that has made it possible. God bless you.

  2. Thanks, Jay, for your service and participation with the PGR. My husband often tells me about seeing the local Michigan group at his work place, and they are an awesome group of people. I see you got some of your pictures back up. Sounds like you and Molly enjoyed your parade. Take care, Karen

  3. Jay, so glad you and Molly were in the parade. What a wonderful day for you both. I think the PGR are the best!

  4. I'm glad you got to enjoy being in the parade. It looks like it was a lovely day shining down on you.