Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marine Birthday and Me


Happy 234th Birthday

Dedicated to my uncle who encouraged my joining the Marine Corps. I wore his WW2 Marine EGA pins on my 1960s uniform. I was asked by many (officers included) where I got the pins. When I explained, ALL thought it was neat and a great way to show my respect for my uncle.

Me, as a young Marine

And this is my DESKTOP on my laptop (and yes those are my pictures on it..

As an added note - I wrote a patriotic blog (last one) and it really messed up. I thank everyone who tried to help me solve the problem. It might have been a lost blog cut short ... but my friends came out in droves.. I thank each of you again and from my heart ---- J


  1. Isn't that neat to be able to wear your Uncle's EGA pins. So, do you visit this blog often sailor? *LOL* I bet I shouldn't call a Marine a sailor. Glad I'm out of throwing range.

  2. Thinking of you and thanking you today.