Monday, July 20, 2009

Non-PC - If guns offend you - DON'T read - You won't like it!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to collect and shoot old types of guns. I mainly enjoy muzzleloaders and 45-70s (cartridge of the 1870's). I also enjoy shooting the pistols of the pre-1900 era... even compete. BUT, I also like modern guns; pistols & rifles.

Now where is this going? We all know it is an unpopular stand to say we like guns. We also know it is unpopular to promote guns as anything other than unsafe and something people shouldn't have. Well, I never was accused of being politically correct. In fact, I'm tired of having someone, somewhere else telling me what I should do and not do, as well as what I should think. I like to think that I am intelligent and can see the facts well enough to make up my own mind. Guns are one of those `dangerous' topics where it is easy to `rub' people wrong. Still, I must have my say!

I am sick and tired of all the false facts about how well the `Brady Bill' had worked. Folks, It's not doing anything except pulling the wool over America's eyes.
The Government released information on how well the Brady Bill has kept guns out of the hands of Criminals. THEY claim 69,000 gun sales where prevented due to the background checks on people. That sounds like 69,000 `BAD CRIMINALS' had to do without a weapon. Sorry, I'm not that stupid. I'm sure there was that number of blocks but there is a little more to that story.
The Bureau of Justice statistics stated that the rejections made up 2.7 percent of the 2,547,000 applications nationwide for handgun sales during the year. Of that 2.7 percent, 61.7 percent were refused due to felony convictions or indictments. The rest were turned down for a variety of reasons, including domestic violence & stalking convictions and fugitive from justice charges (a `catch-all').

At first glance, it would seem that the law is working. Sorry, no cigar! How would it be working? Are we so naive that we don't think these `bad guys' just go somewhere else? If you want a handgun, YOU CAN GET IT! I bought handguns in Yorktown Texas ... with no waiting period. Anyone can. You don't need a `new in the box' gun to commit a crime. In fact, as a criminal you wouldn't want one ... it would be registered to you in your name. Criminals are smarter than that in most cases.
Again, how is it working? The General Accounting Office found only seven convictions as a result of the Brady Bill in it's first 17 months and only three of those felons saw the inside of a jail cell. That's a small number for a federal felony that comes with a 10 year prison sentence. You see, what happened to all those 69,000 bad people? If they were convicted felons, why aren't they in jail?

I have never believed that the Brady Bill would ever do anything except make law biding folks who would like a pistol for home defense wait 5 days. Why do we have to wait .. the criminal doesn't have to. Bonnie Elmasri was told to wait for her pistol because of the Brady Bill .. she and her 2 sons were killed by her abusive husband the NEXT day.

Due to `Political Correctness', guns have been made unattractive. You former smokers and drinkers should understand about those `normal' people looking at you with disapproving eyes.

I'm not against background checks before buying a handgun .. or ANY gun. I'm not against stopping felons from getting guns .... there has always been a law that felons couldn't own guns. I know; I was a cop. I would just like to have the whole truth. And make laws that work or get them out of our lives

I understand some people don't like or fear guns... and fear who has them. I AM NO DIFFERENT!!! I choose to have the ability to defend myself and protect my wife. Have I ever had to??? YES - on several times. I have had to pull my `concealed weapon' three times since moving to South Dakota. Each time I stopped a bad guy and THEY went to jail. Oh, and yes I have a permit. Do I think everyone should carry guns.. NO! There has to be a check system. That's why you have to have a permit. Bad guys don't worry about permits... or laws... or YOU if you're unarmed.

If you don't believe common citizens should be able to carry legal weapons and that was enforced - I would not be here writing this today.

I understand all the arguments against guns. But when this is weighed out, the right to carry wins hands down. I don't have to manipulate the facts to win that fight. If you choose not to have a gun in your home... that is fine. I choose to.

Think about this.... if a home invader is checking out your home, do you think it would make a difference if he thought you MIGHT have a gun for protection?? It would make a difference to me as a criminal... But then as a 16 year veteran cop, I think a little like the criminals do....
Sleep well ;-)

ps... did I mention the second ammendment???
It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "a government who fears guns in the hands of it's people, is a government to be feared".


  1. Preach it, brutha!!!!! Amen.

  2. My hubby does the blackpowder thing too. He goes to groups all the time that have shoots. We feel the same way you do about all of this and if Pelosi and others at the top have their way we won't have guns anymore. Go to it Jay! I like your background too!

  3. I agree with everything my husband has stated, so much so in fact that I also have a carry permit. I always tell Jay that if I ever feel I am in danger I will pull out my carry permit and wave it in front of their face. Okay, enough joking, this is a very serious problem that we are getting into. It seems that there is no problem in the bad guy getting a gun, but it becomes more difficult for the law abiding citizen. Does this seem right?