Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fishing with my "Bestest Bud"

Hi all,

I was reminded of a little story this morning while watching TV. It was a story about the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. And that reminded me of this story.

It was in the summer of 2001. My grandson, J.D. was 4 years old. He pretty much hung with his grandpa (me). We had a small lake near where we lived and I used to take him up there fishing. Mostly he caught perch and small catfish. Now to under stand this story, you have understand JD isn't just a regular kid. He is special ... in his heart. He is one of the kindness, most thoughtful children I have ever met. And that's the real story here. But on with the story......

I would bait his hook and cast out the line. JD would wait patiently until the cork bobbed and he would yank the rod to `set the hook'. Then he would reel it in and the process would start again. On this day, I didn't even fish. I was just enjoying the memories we were making.

JD was being very successful and quickly brought in 9 perch (see picture) in about 30 minutes. The little fish were hungry this morning. A small group of children had gathered around, watching the action. Most were younger with some about the same age as JD. There were NO OTHER adults around... go figure!! The kids started cheering toward the 6th or 7th fish. When JD landed his 9th fish, I removed it ... pitched it back out into the water and rebaited the hook. JD looked up at me and and asked, "Do I have to fish anymore?" I thought that strange because he was obviously having a lot of fun. I asked if he was tired of fishing and wanted to go. He answered, "No, but is it okay to let the kids fish?" I said yes........

For the next hour, one after the other took turns and fished. I baited the hook and cast the line then JD coached the child on landing the small perches. You would have thought we were 10 miles out at sea; fishing and landing Marlin. JD was the perfect `Captain of the boat'. He told each child when to come up and helped the ones that couldn't hold the rod and reel.

With everyone satisfied with fishing, the kids all took off for other adventures, leaving me and JD loading the truck. On the drive back home JD told me he enjoyed fishing with the kids. I told him I was proud of his sharing.

He looked up at me and said, "Grandpa, you are my bestest bud". And we have been bestest buds ever since. Each of my grand kids have their very own special name with me. BUT JD is my only bestest bud!!!

By the way, JD and I have always had a special connection. All the family knows and understands why.

You see, in 1999 I received a special award from the Texas EMS and the Texas Health Department. It was a one of a kind per year. I received the award for saving my grandson's life.

But that's another story!!!!! But if ya want, you can look at the picture below. I am holding JD receiving the EMS award at the Texas EMS Conference in Austin Texas. Sorry - bad picture from disposable camera.....

Yep, look at how he has hold of my shirt.... we are bestest buds.....

My best as always



  1. That is such a sweet story and I hope you get to spend a lot of time with JD over the coming years. He will be a great man someday. Thanks Jay, that lightened my heart a lot tonight, and I really needed that.

  2. JD sounds like a special kid, but from reading your blog, I know he comes by it honestly. You are a pretty amazing person yourself.