Monday, August 15, 2011

Problems posting on my blog

Hi all,

Boy I have been having lots of problems getting on my blogs. I can write them BUT can't post them. Molly's blog works ON THE SAME COMPUTER...

I have GOOGLED my problem and found lots of answers of what is causing this. I have tried everyone but nothing seems to work.

BUT I stumbled into a backdoor to get on my blog. It is to complicated to explain and I am not even sure if I can explain it in words. Basicly I have to write the blog and hit publish.... all it does is save it as a draft.... I then go to my editing area where all my posts are listed. I check the draft and hit publish at the bottom of the page. Now it is published but I can edit it where it will change anything in the post.. That sounds like fun. It works every second or third time.. Now I am going to try to publish this one.. Wish me luck!!

Be sure to check my other blog too. I am going to try to put some stuff on there too...

Bye for now

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