Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting to first-base at the fast-foot place

Yep, it's true. I got mad at a couple of kids(16 yrs old) that makes a spectacle of making out and they didn't care who saw. Now first understand, I am no prude even if I am in my 60s. But I did have the decency to do it in a private place (well semi-private if we count drive-ins). These kids seem to take great pride in hugging kissing AND groping. They stand out in public and do more tonguing than a heifer cleaning her new born calf. Both of their hands were busier than a clock on steroids. And the funny part is they seem to intentionally get where we can see them. They just don't care. I will tell you, if that was my daughter .... well enough on that!!!!!

Anyway, after sitting out in front of our apartment with Molly and two other ladies we kinda voted that someone should throw water on the kids before they burned `something'.

We had our laugh and decided to call it a day of our tea drinking group. I asked Molly if she would like to run into town and get a burger. NOTE- she beat me to the car and she was on a walker. :-0 she does like hamburgers.... so off we went.

We arrived at the fast-food place and ordered a couple burgers, fries, drink, and an apple pie to finish off the meal. When I take my wife out for a meal, I spare no expense he he he...

Now you might wonder why these two subjects are thrown together. And where this is leading. I'm glad you asked (I assume you asked because you are still reading). I'll explain!

I finished my excellent meal and picked up the box containing my little apple pie. I took a bite while reading the box. Suddenly it hit me. Where do kids get these ideas to `smacky-mouth' in such a public place like in front of 4 old folks; 50 feet from where we were sitting. And the answer was right there in front of me on the little apple box.

I'll add a scan of the box below and you see if you can see a subliminal message printed for all to see. Be sure to read all the words AND put them with the picture. If your eyes are like mine, you might want to click on the picture to make it bigger (QQ). Hummmm Now all I can hope for is Molly gets the subliminal message. AND if she does, it'll be indoors behind closed doors in private. Dang, where is a drive-in when you need one?

By the way, you'll notice I did not name the fast food place.... But don't look too hard on the box unless you want to figure it out.

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  1. Gracious Gertie!! Sometimes I feel like mankind is just swirling the toilet and ready to head down the pipes. (Hope you and Molly have a fun time...hehee)