Monday, September 7, 2009

A `new-eye' for painting opinions please

Hi all,

I just came from a fella's house where he wanted my opinion of his paintings. He has been doing these for a couple of years. Joe only paints his own interpretation of primitive Native Americans. HIS PAINTINGS ARE DIFFERENT!! to say the least ... Yet there is something about them that I like.

I would like YOUR opinion (good or bad) of what you guys think. I want honesty and from the gut opinions. He will never see any of these answers but I will discuss them with him. I have already given my critique to him and I am known as being brutally honest. I believe that is necessary to learn and grow... I know everyone says, "Oh, I love that design", "I love the colors", "I love your hair" ..... etc etc even sometimes when you just say it to be nice or so you don't hurt anyone's feelings. But in this case, I do need honesty. So what do you think? ... Answer on my blog or email me at ..... Thanks Jay


  1. You know I am no art expert. I kind of like them. They have a simplicity to them that is sort of nice. Your new background is nice, perfect for you.

  2. For the most part, I like them. They are simple, like a folk art. But when I look at the first one, the cigarette seems to be coming out of the top of the gum instead of between the lips, and doesn't feel right to me. And the last one, with her head turned, but the rest of the body facing forward bothers me a little bit too--like the head is not connected to the body.