Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Garage Sale Surprise

Well, it's true.... I love to go to garage sales and buy lots of goodies that I don't even need. I can't turn down a good deal. Once I bought a cannon because I didn't have one. And I still own it..

Molly and I hit the dusty trail early last Saturday and attacked every garage sale we could find. We made a lot of good buys and some, I'm still wondering why I bought a spider man lunch box... well ... I didn't have one and now I do. I also bought a Disney Clock (like I needed another clock). Bless Molly, she just shakes her head at some of my `good deals'. Now she is very particular. She buys things we really can use. She buys a neat set of steak knives (new in the box) for 50 cents and I buy a bunch of VHS cartoon movies for the neighbor kids for $3. But then there was the SURPRISE buy of the day.......

We stopped at some friend's home who was having a moving sale. We went to buy some stuff to help them with their sale. That's what friends do -- right? Ahhh - the story continues. I walked around and picked up some items when I hear Molly `spsssst'ing me. I looked over at her and she was flashing her finger at me... ahhh, let me rephrase that -- she was motioning me to come over to where she was standing next to a bunch of clothes. My goodness, I hate looking at clothes. Reluctantly, I obeyed (rephrase - chose to go) and see what she wanted. She wanted to show me a dumb old crocheted thingy. She was taking me away from my shopping to look at this old crocheted thingy. She said...... "Look closer" and I did.... It was the crocheted Afghan that Molly had made for `our friends' three years ago for Christmas. AND the lady wanted it and even picked out the three colors. Molly made it for her.... Laying there, it appeared as new as the day it was made. I picked it up and laid it on the `pay out' table. My purchases were added up, we paid, and left. We don't think it ever dawned on them that Molly had bought the same `special order' gift that was a present. I now have it on MY bed. (note - I would have rather had the spider man' pillow cases) .... ;-)

This is the Afghan today :

Now you think that is an adventure in `Surprise"? Imagine when Molly and I was going through books in a second hand store in Texas. Molly were going through the CRAFTS section. Same as before - "Jay - Come here!!" She wanted to show me the inside cover of one of the books for sale ($1.00).... On the front blank page was a ink printed stamp --- It read - "PROPERTY OF MOLLY WILSON". It was one of Molly's special books that she NEVER did or would loan out... Hummmmmm .. now how did that get in the book store.... I think Gomer Pyle said it best, "SURPRISE, SURPRISE". ;-)


  1. Hahahahahaha!! That is good tale!

  2. Oh my, people are funny aren't they? Gosh I guess you just have to laugh at stuff. Sorry I am so late in posting a comment but I had computer problems all week. Just now got it back and I am trying to catch up.

  3. Darn, posted a comment and forgot about the dumb little wordie they make you put in so here goes again.

    You're a riot Jay. I love reading your posts. I'm sure you didn't have a cannon or a spider man lunch box. The lunch box isn't so bad but I sure hope you have the room to store a cannon!

    I can't believe that woman would sell that afghan at a garage sale she knew you two might show up at. No accounting for taste. I'd be really hurt if I saw that. Every gift I've been given, even if I'm not using it every day, I have put in a closet cause they're all special.

    That's too funny about Molly's book. It'll give her something to ponder on when she can't sleep I guess.

  4. Wow, two surprises! It just goes to show you how widespread Molly's influence is, right?