Monday, July 13, 2009

Patriotism - a couple poems

Hi all,

I'm sure most of you have already figured out that my patriotism runs deep. I'm one of the `crazies' that flys the American flag every day in front of my apartment. In fact, when I was told that I had to take down my flag pole, I just made an attachment on the rear of my car (van) where I now fly a 3'X5' flag. I do love my flag and country. Heck, I'm an old Marine -- what would you expect???

I thought I would paste a little something (poem) that I wrote about a week after the 9-11 attack. It is how I felt then and do even today. This poem has been posted in several web sites.... I guess my feeling weren't alone.. Hope you enjoy..


The Day America Cried
By jay wilson

I have seen wars ugly face
from a point way too near.
I have felt it all around me
and I have felt the fear.

But nothing ever made me question
as a nation, we are safe inside.
That was before New York City
and the day America Cried.

Terrorist struck at our hearts at home
by an attack upon our land.
The `Towers’ was one of the targets
and, now, they no longer stand.

The Pentagon was next to be hit
and even more people died.
I have never felt so helpless
on that day America Cried.

Then more words came of United 93
That crashed into a Pennsylvania field
It was the fourth aircraft high-jacked
And all aboard were killed

We know now the passengers aboard
Fought back and how they tried
They rode that plane into the ground
On the day America Cried

Unlike the `Towers’ the USA didn’t fall
and it will rise above this deed.
With the burning of the Pentagon,
The terrorist only planted a seed.

It is the `Seed of Retribution’
and it will serve as our avenging guide.
The `Bastards’ will pay dearly
for the day America Cried.

I also wrote this next poem and it too is displayed by others... in the VFW and Am L...

A Soldier's Mile
by jay wilson (copyrighted)

A soldier's mile is a long way
It's farther than you'd walk
A soldier's mile isn't a distance
Yet longer than the flight of a hawk

There is an old saying about life
"Don't judge till you've walked in his shoes"
A soldier's mile is a hundred fold
And measured on how it was used

Most won't understand a soldier's mile
It is something that you have to live
It has to do with seeing hell
And going till there's nothing else to give

If you can imagine staring into the dark
And knowing that death is waiting there
But you saddle up and hit the bush
And go out as if you really don't care

A soldier's mile is hell on earth
It's seeing things no one should
It's going in-to certain death
And it's coming out when no one should

A soldier's mile is a state of mind
That no sane person would desire
It can cripple a man without a wound
It can sear and burn without a fire

A solder's mile is to remember too clear
Of those who didn't come back
A soldier's mile is to worry each day
Maybe it was because of knowledge lacked

A solder's mile is to hear each night
The sound of your friend’s screams
A soldier's mile is to pray to god
That maybe tonight you'll have no dreams

I guess it could be called a distance
With the measure scaled by the tears of pain
It could be figured in degrees by a doctor
Somewhere between being crazy and being sane

All I can say for sure about it
Is it's farther than I thought I could go
And now it has become my secret
A secret that only a few of us know


  1. Very nice. I enjoyed reading them.

  2. Thanks Jay for posting those. I can't imagine why you had to take your flag pole down. Gee whiz!