Friday, June 19, 2009

There once was a man from Nantucket 8-0

Hi folks...

So you're back for more punishment..... okay, here goes,

By now you know I like to write. I also like poems. I have written over a thousand to date. I create the rhyming type. You know ... mary larry - bob cob - plain rain type. I also do limericks (no girls - the nice kind). Well, Molly wanted me to write a few for her and being her sweetie, of course I did. Now she ORDERED (oops, I mean requested) me to post some of them since they were kinda aimed at her and her quilting friends - yes.. that is you guys. So through my embarassment - here are a few:

Quilting for Blogs

Quilters like to chat on their blog
While phone chat always get clogged
I really like to read `em
You just can’t beat `em
Well, it is better than taking a jog

There once was a quilter named Joe
Seemed as good as anyone you know
His stitches were tight
And his design – a delight
But admitted he bought them at a show

Molly is my wife, as I’m sure you know
She challenged her hubby to learn to sew
So I grabbed a needle and thread
And soon my finger freely bled
Now I sit with my head hung low

Mary had worked on a special square
She made it for her “big ol loving Bear”
But when she gave it to him
He really risked life and limb
When he used it to wipe the lid of his beer

Now when it comes to quilting, my friend
Me, as a guy can quilt better than most men
But I have to agree real fast
When competing with a lass
If I win, I feel like I committed a sin

I once had a friend tell me I was funny
For Easter, I was quilting a little bunny
If that nut thinks me strange
Well, I ain’t gonna change
Besides his ignorance makes him a dummy

Me and the wife agreed to take in a show
I like movies and quickly got ready to go
But the theater was not in her plan
She said “A movie? this is better than”.
And you NEED to see more quilts, you know.

So much for my being a poet ;-)